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The solicitors at JMW have helped many clients recover damages in many areas of law, including clinical negligence, commercial litigation, court of protection, industrial disease and personal injury. Below are the case studies we have worked on.

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  • Minor brain damage after car collided with cyclist

    Ms V was awarded £21,814.84

    Ms V was in the cycle lane and was stationary at traffic lights, when a car approached from behind and pulled in to her right. As the traffic lights turned green, Ms V began to cycle ahead. However, the vehicle proceeded to turn left, without having previously indicated, colliding with Ms V and knocking her off her bike.

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  • Spinal injury errors cause permanent paralysis

    Jack was left with permanent paralysis due to errors that were made in the treatment of a spinal condition. Angharad Hughes, a specialist spinal injury solicitor in the JMW medical negligence team, challenged the mistakes that were made and obtained an admission of negligence, paving the way for compensation to be secured for Jack.

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  • Spinal injury failures cause permanent disability - £1.7 million

    Gary was left permanently disabled and reliant on a wheelchair after a hospital failed to ensure a spinal condition was treated in time. Eddie Jones, a specialist spinal injury solicitor at JMW, secured £1.7 million in compensation to help Gary secure care and financial security.

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  • GP and hospital errors lead to permanent cauda equina syndrome - £2.75 million

    Spinal injury specialists at JMW obtained £2.75 million in compensation for Jean after appalling errors led to her suffering permanent cauda equina syndrome. This case study tells Jean's story.

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