An unconventional way to stop a drink driver!

With Russia due to host the 2018 Football World Cup, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on improving the country's infrastructure and security.

Security is a major issue as Russian policing methods have often come under scrutiny. Back in March 2010, Russian Police in Moscow used private vehicles as a 'shield' on a highway to stop a gang of criminals. Needless to say this tactic did not work as the gang simply ploughed through the vehicles that stood in their way.

All the drivers that took part in the blockade were presented with a certificate which expressed the State's gratitude and had their vehicles repaired. However, they were unable to claim compensation for any emotional or personal injury that was suffered. Had this incident occurred in the UK, no doubt a personal injury claim would have been actively pursued.

Most recently, an investigation has been launched following claims that the 'unconventional policing method' of creating a 'human blockade' has been adopted by the Moscow Traffic Police once more,  this time to stop a suspected drink driver that had failed to stop. This allegedly resulted in five cars being damaged and two people being injured.

Although it is unlikely that such policing methods would be adopted here, accidents involving drivers who are alleged to be over the legal limit occur on our roads quite frequently. The fact that a person is suspected to be over the legal limit sometimes leads to them being unfairly accused of causing the accident, even if the other party was at fault.

Had the incident involving the Russian driver took place in this country, he would no doubt have been charged with drink driving, failing to stop and either careless driving or dangerous driving. A conviction for one of these offences alone would probably result in a driving ban, particularly in respect of drink driving and dangerous driving where a ban is mandatory. Given the seriousness of these offences a prison sentence would also be a real possibility. With the right representation, a person in this situation could avoid a conviction or at the very least, minimise the penalty imposed by the court.

For anyone that is accused of an accident related motor offence, whether they believe it is their fault or not, obtaining proper legal representation from an expert motor offence solicitor is a must!

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