Double Trouble!

Imagine you are arrested for drink driving and taken to your local police station. You are breathalysed and found to be over the legal drink drive limit. You are then charged with the offence of drink driving. You are then released from police custody and on leaving the station you get in your car. You switch the engine on and you are about to set off, when you are stopped by a police officer and breathalysed at the roadside. It transpires that you are still over the legal limit and you are arrested again and taken back into the police station.

Believe it or not, this does happen! Once you have been charged with a drink drive offence and/or released on bail, there is no obligation on the Police to ensure that you are fit to drive before they release you from custody, although good practice suggests they should perform a pre - release breath test to see whether you are still above the limit and if so, warn you not to drive.

Unfortunately Joanna Wagner, a Cambridge mother arrested for drink driving, failed to take heed of the warning that was given to her by the Police and decided to drive her car in order to avoid a parking ticket, despite still being over the legal drink drive limit.


Take my advice - if you have been arrested and charged or bailed in relation to an allegation of drink driving, on leaving the police station unless you have undergone a pre - release breath test and it has been confirmed that you are under the legal limit, do not drive! The first thing you need to do is get a taxi or arrange for someone to collect you. Following that you need to contact a specialist, expert drink drive solicitor who can give you the best chance of avoiding a potential life changing conviction.

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