Could your legal performance be enhanced

With Law firms facing new and challenging issues in this ever changing legal landscape, firms now need to evolve and find innovative ways to beat the competition. 

25 attendees, all from Management of various Lawshare member firms, waited with baited breath for Jon Miler of Evolve Legal Business Solutions and Joy Kingsley , Senior Partner JMW to help guide them through this landscape and hopefully provide a light at the end of the tunnel!

Financial Management is key to the sustainability of any Law firm and Jon, with an extensive back ground in managing Law firm finances was able to give attendees an insight on what the Bank manager is looking for and how to achieve it.

Joy Kingsley, Senior partner at JMW, provided attendees with guidance on how to recruit effectively and what partners and managers should be looking for when recruiting especially at the higher level. 

Joy stressed how important it was to keep your existing staff happy as talented employees are easily snapped up by competitors if all is not right at the firm.  Joy demonstrated how JMW keep staff happy and reward them for the work they put in individually and on a team level. 

Joy spoke in detail about the Rebrand JMW went through and how updating the website and the message we were portraying we have managed to build the perception both internally and externally that we are a business and brand that is on the up.

Attendees were given the opportunity to speak openly about problems they may be facing and to discuss ways in which they could overcome problems or obstacles especially in view of the changes that were on the horizon in April 2013.

The session was attended by 27 attendees from Senior Management positions of Lawshare Member Firms.


Feedback from the course included


‘Found all of the content very useful’


‘Broadened my horizons to the possibilities out there’


‘I came away with lots of marketing and budgeting ideas’


‘Always good to hear common advice and pointers’

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