Business solicitors

Supporting businesses in Manchester

At JMW we provide tailored business legal advice on a wide range of issues. Contact us on 0345 872 6666 or complete our online enquiry form to take advantage of our experts’ vast experience in helping UK businesses in all aspects of commercial law.

Departments containing expert business solicitors

Each team at JMW contains specialists in their field, with their expertise covering:

Companies that come to us for assistance in these areas can rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to deal with their issues effectively and efficiently, with us being recognised by the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, a guide to the Legal Profession, as one of the leading firms in the north west.

We work closely with businesses of all sizes – from SMEs to household names – with 70 per cent of our business coming from existing clients and recommendations, some of which are the most successful companies in the UK.

Although we cover a wide range of legal services for businesses, our business lawyers all have the same outlook when it comes to our approach – creating a close relationship with clients and providing tailored solutions dependant on their individual needs and requirements.

We understand how damaging, time-consuming and expensive legal issues and disputes can potentially be for firms. However, our business lawyers strive to take the hassle and cost out of dealing with such problems, allowing you to concentrate on running your company.

What our clients say

Find out how we have helped other clients and what they think about our service here. You can also find out more about our team here, while the Info Panel at the side of this page contains lots more useful information.

Get in touch

Contact our business solicitors on 0345 872 6666 or complete our online enquiry form to take advantage of our business solicitors’ vast experience and expertise. 

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  • Jack Trowsdale
    Jack Trowsdale

    Jack is a Paralegal in the Business Crime & Regulation team.

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  • Ian Tranter
    Ian Tranter

    Ian is Head of the Employment Law Department at JMW

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  • Peter Grogan
    Peter Grogan

    Peter is a partner and heads the firm's Business Crime and Road Traffic teams.

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  • Andrew Farrell
    Andrew Farrell

    Andrew is a Partner in Commercial Litigation.

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  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer joined JMW in 2011 and deals with all aspects of employment law, howeve...

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  • Jim Banfi
    Jim Banfi

    Jim is Head of our Commercial Property Department, specialising in large scale p...

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  • Stephen Reynolds
    Stephen Reynolds

    Stephen is a Solicitor who trained with JMW and qualified into the Commercial Li...

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  • Chloe Themistocleous
    Chloe Themistocleous

    Chloe is a trainee solicitor cross- qualifying in the Employment department havi...

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  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy

    Jack Murphy Solicitor Commercial Litigation / Sports Law

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  • Marc Yaffe
    Marc Yaffe

    Marc is Head of Commercial Litigation.

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  • Nina Latham
    Nina Latham

    Nina is an Senior Associate in the Corporate Team at JMW, having joined the firm...

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  • Carl Moran
    Carl Moran

    Carl joined JMW in May 2011. Since qualifying in 1996, Carl has specialised excl...

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  • Vicky Protano
    Vicky Protano

    Vicky is a senior associate in the corporate department having trained at the fi...

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  • Laura McHugh
    Laura McHugh

    Laura is an Associate who advises both employers and employees on all aspects of...

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  • Alison Parry
    Alison Parry

    Alison joined JMW in June 2013 as a Partner in the Commercial Litigation departm...

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  • Rachel Dudley
    Rachel Dudley

    Rachel joined JMW in September 2013 and specialises in intellectual property.

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  • Peter Chape
    Peter Chape

    Peter is a Partner in our Commercial Property Department specialising in working...

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  • Nick McAleenan
    Nick McAleenan

    Nick McAleenan is a media lawyer at JMW Solicitors LLP. Nick helps clients to ...

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  • Louise Wakely
    Louise Wakely

    Louise is an Associate in the Commercial Litigation department. She has been wit...

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  • Ian Gordon
    Ian Gordon

    Ian is a Partner in our Commercial Property Department with experience of workin...

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  • Richard Glover
    Richard Glover

    Richard is an Associate in the Commercial Litigation department having joined JM...

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  • David Bondt
    David Bondt

    David joined JMW as a trainee in 2009 and now having qualified as a solicitor sp...

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  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    Bill is our Chairman and also has direct responsibility for our services to help...

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  • Evan Wright
    Evan Wright

    Evan is a partner in the Business Crime and Regulation team. Evan has been instr...

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  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    Mark joined JMW in June 2013 From Goodman Harvey LLP. Previously, he was the fo...

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  • Thomas Pearson
    Thomas Pearson

    Thomas joined JMW from DTM Legal where he was Head of Property.

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  • Sam Healey
    Sam Healey

    Sam Healey is a Solicitor in the Business Crime & Regulation and Motoring Offenc...

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  • Claire Hamilton
    Claire Hamilton

    Claire joined JMW in June 2013 and has extensive experience in property finance,...

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  • Julian Rogozinski
    Julian Rogozinski

    Julian joined JMW in July 2013 and is an expert in a variety of areas within com...

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  • Stephen Goodman
    Stephen Goodman

    Stephen has over 25 years’ experience as one of the leading property and develop...

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  • Richard Wolff
    Richard Wolff

    Richard is a Partner and head of our Corporate Recovery and Insolvency Departmen...

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  • Joanne Culley
    Joanne Culley

    Joanne is a Senior Associate in the Corporate Recovery and Insolvency Department

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  • Paul Burton
    Paul Burton

    Paul is an Associate Solicitor within the Commercial Property Department at JMW ...

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  • Richard Parkinson
    Richard Parkinson

    Richard is a Partner and head of Commercial at JMW advising clients on a wide ra...

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  • Natasha Fishwick
    Natasha Fishwick

    Natasha is a Paralegal in the Commercial Property department. She joined JMW in ...

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  • Vicky Burgess
    Vicky Burgess

    Vicky is an Senior Associate in the Corporate Recovery and Insolvency department...

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  • Sophi Mark
    Sophi Mark

    Sophi joined JMW’s Commercial Property team in June 2014 as a paralegal.

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  • Dominic Rabbitte
    Dominic Rabbitte

    Since joining JMW full time in October 2012 Dominic has assisted the department ...

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  • Stephanie Adjepong
    Stephanie Adjepong

    Stephanie Adjepong Solicitor Commercial Property Manchester

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  • Sarah Malkin
    Sarah Malkin

    Sarah joined JMW as a trainee solictor and has since qualified into the commerci...

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  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone

    Andrew joined JMW in February 2015 as a Senior Associate in the Commercial Prope...

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  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns

    Alan joined JMW in September 2001. Alan has worked on a broad range of commercia...

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  • Derek Millard-Smith
    Derek Millard-Smith

    Derek is a partner in the Business Crime & Regulation department and specialises...

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  • Tom Cressey
    Tom Cressey

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  • Mike Rainford
    Mike Rainford

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  • Warren Martin
    Warren Martin

    Warren is a partner in commercial property.

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  • Claire Brierley
    Claire Brierley

    Solicitor, Commercial litigation

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  • Sara Bluston
    Sara Bluston

    Sara joined the firm in September 2013 as a newly qualified solicitor from Brabn...

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  • Mark Heppell
    Mark Heppell

    Mark is an Associate in the Corporate Team, having joined the firm in March 2014...

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  • Mike Blood
    Mike Blood

    Mike joined JMW in May 2015 as Head of Corporate.

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