Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

JMW Solicitors are here to help law firms across the country deal with anti-money laundering legislation with the minimum of stress.

By getting in touch with us on 0345 872 6666 or visiting our dedicated website at, you can take advantage of our pragmatic anti-money laundering compliance solutions.

A dedicated anti-money laundering solution to help law firms

We understand how important it is for law firms to conform to the latest money-laundering regulations – firm must now make their principals and staff aware of anti-money laundering legislation and supply training on how to recognise and deal with potentially illegal transactions.

Those working in the Regulated Sector also have to ensure they have systems in place that check the identity of new clients, and non-compliance is treated as being very serious indeed.

Our company – ML Solutions 4U – can help ensure your enterprise has everything in place, with our unique, rounded package of assistance which includes:

  • Seminars, workshops, health checks and system set-ups
  • Training packages to assist in complying with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007
  • Electronic online identification verification
  • Advice and representation of clients on all types of related investigations

Take a look at our video trailer and you will see that we have adopted a completely new approach to AML training.

A service the legal world is crying out for

At JMW and ML Solutions 4U we believe our unique services offer firms the opportunity to cut costs and boost efficiency when it comes to compliance.

And we do not only want to assist law firms. We are hoping to roll the package out to organisations – banks, building societies, accountants and other institutions - within the financial sector in the near future.

If you’re unsure about how to deal with anti-money laundering legislation, call us on 0345 872 6666.

Video Transcript (Click to view)

Taylor: Hello, My name is Taylor Murphy and welcome to this anti-money laundering course.

Bill Jones: Hi, I’m Bill Jones and during this course I will be focusing on your statutory anti-money laundering obligations.

Taylor: One million [Claps Hands]

Taylor: One minute you’re there, now you’re there! Listen. Ok, stand to. This could be important! 

Bill Jones: The principle terrorist property offences are contained in sections 15 to 18 of the Terrorism Act.

Taylor: Failure to comply with these obligations is a criminal offence.

Taylor: What do you think?

Bill Jones: You may also consider checking out your client’s website as a means of verifying any information provided.

Taylor: Question three! Can you discuss the circumstances with the vendor’s solicitors without committing a ’tipping off’ offence? 

Taylor: And thank you very much for that one! 

Taylor [Dressed in Flat Cap and Cream Coat]: Alright mush! Now pay attention! This could be interesting. 

Bill Jones: Simply check the list of public companies in the financial section of appropriate newspapers.

Taylor: We are now going to look briefly to offences relating to terrorism.

Bill Jones: Ok, let’s lighten the mood, time for Taylor!

Taylor [Wearing Sunglasses]: Ha! 

Taylor: Haha! Congratulations everyone, yes congratulations you have now completed this course.

Bill Jones: Thank you for watching. 

Taylor: You can now download and print your certificate of compliance, which should be placed in your personnel file or your firms training records.

Taylor [With Suitcase / On Phone]: They’ve had a celebrity here today and you’ll never guess what they left in their dressing room! No, no, I’ll show you when I get home, all right, see you in a bit, love ya! [Suitcase Falls Open]Ah, urm, the, I can explain... what I was going to do was.... [Runs away]

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