Environment Agency Investigations

The Environment Agency is responsible for protecting the environment and ensuring that business practices do not have a detrimental impact on the local area. The body also works to promote sustainable development and it works closely with central government to achieve its aims, reporting to the department for environment, food and rural affairs.

If the agency believes that a company’s working practices are harming the environment - perhaps through pollution of a body of water or the improper disposal of waste - it can investigate, set fines, issue enforcement and prohibition notices, suspend and revoke licences, and change licence conditions.

If the Environment Agency is looking into your company’s processes or you are at the risk of prosecution, JMW’s expert solicitors can defend you and minimise damage to your firm and its reputation.

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Environment Agency prosecutions

If you’ve been accused of breaching environmental law, the consequences can be serious and costly. We’ve advised and protected businesses in a variety of sectors, through all stages of an Environment Agency investigation.

We’ve represented companies that have been investigated for:

  • Fly tipping
  • Water pollution
  • Improper disposal of chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Damage to land

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If you’re facing investigation from the Environment Agency, then it’s important for your company to have the best legal protection right from the start. We’ll advise on every aspect of an investigation, ensuring you’re best placed to defend your firm and its assets. We can represent organisations from across the UK, including London and Manchester.

For a comprehensive assessment of your situation and how our specialist team can help, call us now on 0800 652 5559.

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