Boiler Room Fraud

Boiler room fraud relates to the selling of shares that are heavily overpriced, worthless or, in very serious cases, completely non-existent. A fraudster will generally cold call a victim and offer the chance to invest in these shares – they’ll promise high returns that sound too good to be true and usually are.

If you’ve invested in worthless or non-existent shares JMW Solicitors can help, or if your company has been accused of operating such a scheme, we can represent you. We understand the sometimes incredibly fine distinction between an investment scheme that is fraudulent and one that is simply unsuccessful.

Contact JMW Solicitors today to find out how we can help defend you if your company has been accused of running a boiler room scheme, or if you’ve fallen victim to such a scam. Call us now on 0800 652 5559 or complete the online enquiry form on this page.

How we can help

We defend companies from across the UK - including Manchester and London - against enquiries from the Crown Prosecution Service, the Serious Fraud Office and what was the Financial Services Authority – now split into two separate regulatory bodies known as the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

To ensure your case gets the bespoke focus it needs, we will put together a team of experts with the combined knowledge to tackle your situation and all its complexities – this team may include:

  • reputation management experts
  • accountants
  • corporate recovery advisors
  • media law advisors

Contact JMW Solicitors

To find out more about how we can defend you against boiler room scheme charges, or help you if your business has invested in worthless or fraudulent shares, contact us today on 0800 652 5559 and talk to our expert team.

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