Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud can be incredibly complex – if charges for credit card fraud are brought, the prosecution must prove that actions actually amount to criminal conduct, the evidence is admissible and has been collected using the proper powers.

The number of instances of credit card fraud and identity fraud have increased in recent years, and during this time our team has honed their skills in defending people against complex charges.

If you have been accused of credit card fraud we will fight your corner, using our extensive experience to get the best possible result.

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Credit card fraud considerations

It’s difficult to prosecute for credit card fraud as it can be hard to prove that someone deliberately set out to deceive and commit fraud – in cases where an identity and details have been stolen for instance, the card holder is a victim rather than a perpetrator of the crime.

As well as this, it must be shown that any evidence has forensic integrity. This means:

  • The evidence has been collected properly
  • The evidence is admissible
  • The evidence has been properly attributed to the correct person

Our credit card fraud defence solicitors can deal with cases involving a large number of transactions and accounts, and have experience in both traditional identity fraud as well as more technical cases involving triangulation and false merchant sites.

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