Diversion Fraud

Diversion fraud is often referred to as outward or inward excise fraud, and it involves the illegal diversion of goods into the UK when they are destined for elsewhere. In some cases of diversion fraud, a number of people in the chain of goods are involved in the scam, but in others people and businesses can inadvertently be drawn into fraudulent activity.

If you’ve been accused of diversion fraud and require legal representation, contact our team today on 0800 652 5559 for a confidential discussion. Our serious diversion fraud solicitors in Manchester represent people from around the UK and will be able to offer advice both on where to go next and the best course of action to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Outward diversion fraud

In cases of diversion fraud, goods are unlawfully diverted onto the UK market when they are supposed to be heading to UK warehouses for onward export into the EU. Goods involved in this kind of fraud will be being moved under duty suspension and fraud can involve any combination of:

  • warehouse operatives
  • hauliers
  • vendors
  • distributers

Fraud of this type always has one key aspect – the falsification of the Accompanying Administrative Document, which is sent alongside goods and guarantees the duty involved. As well as this, the consignment note – often known as the Convention Merchandises Routiers or CMR – is forged, and will fraudulently confirm that goods have reached their destination.

Inward diversion fraud

Inward diversion fraud is when duty suspended goods are imported from a warehouse in the EU and are supposedly bound for a warehouse in the UK. Goods are only able to reach the warehouse specified in documents in accordance with the AAD if the consignment is checked whilst en route.

If this doesn’t happen, the goods are diverted to the UK market even though the excise payment has not been made. A false warehouse stamp is then applied to the goods to make it appear as though they have been delivered in accordance with the law.

Our experience

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and knowledge here at JMW Solicitors. We have worked on cases of both inward and outward diversion fraud, some that involved a very large number of defendants and witnesses and many that involved months of court litigation.

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