False accounting

Cases of false accounting have risen sharply over the past few years, as businesses struggling to stay afloat in a very difficult economic climate feel forced to overstate performance and assets to make it appear as though a company is in a stronger position than it really is.

In a lot of cases, perpetrators do not directly benefit from the fraud, but this does not mean that the practice is legal.

If you’ve been accused of such, then our false accounting fraud solicitors can defend you. We have represented many people charged with false accounting, some from large businesses and others from smaller family run outfits, and can help organisations from across the UK.

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Types of false accounting

Incidents of false accounting can involve a small group of people within a company, meaning that often business owners and directors can be unaware that a crime has been committed.

Examples of false accounting include:

  • Inflating a company’s share price
  • Hiding losses to avoid the withdrawal of financial help
  • Obtaining additional credit or finance to deal with cash flow issues
  • Reporting false profits
  • Winning new customers by making a company appear more successful than it is
  • Hiding transactions
  • Manipulating accounts to evade tax liability
  • Keeping two sets of accounts in case of HMRC inspections or audits

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From small businesses involved in low level false accounting to larger scale operations where subsidiaries have allegedly committed fraud that has had a detrimental impact on the entire business, we deal with all cases of false accounting.

To build your case we’ll draw on the expert knowledge of associates, including forensic accountancy experts, HMRC representatives and computer forensic experts. Our lawyers have a vast amount of experience working on complex cases, and few other firms can offer our level of service and expertise in this area.

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