Income Tax Fraud

Allegations of income tax fraud and tax evasion can result in criminal tax investigation, which can be complex and incredibly damaging to a company and its reputation. If your company has been accused of committing offences of this nature, then it’s vital to seek specialist legal help as soon as possible.

JMW’s income tax fraud defence solicitors have vast experience in this area and have defended firms of all sizes, in all sectors, against tax fraud charges. We are able to take on clients from across the UK, including those in Manchester and London.

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Income tax investigations

Income tax fraud is investigated by HMRC, which has a specialist office tasked with investigating evasion worth between £75,000 and £500,000. For cases involving alleged evasion of more than £500,000 there is a Specialist Investigation Office.

Our specialist solicitors have experience in dealing with HMRC requests for disclosure, and they have a comprehensive understanding of the limits to the powers of HMRC – we can protect you from disclosing information which you are not obligated to.

Our services

Allegations of income tax fraud are serious and require the knowledge and experience of a specialist team. When dealing with income tax fraud allegations, we will put together a team of experts with the required expertise – the team representing you may include solicitors as well as computer forensic experts, accountants and electronic evidence experts.

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