Missing Trader Fraud

Missing trader fraud is similar to carousel fraud and involves the theft of VAT. Those involved in missing trader fraud schemes will import goods VAT-free, sell them on to domestic buyers with the VAT added, and then keep this tax instead of paying it to the government as they should.

Accusations of this type of fraud are damaging and charges can result in large fines or custodial sentences. If you are facing such accusations, or your business is the subject of investigation, it is essential to seek missing trader fraud defence and to gain legal advice from a team with a robust understanding of this area, and an impressive track record.

JMW’s expert solicitors have represented businesses and individuals in a variety of sectors against missing trader fraud charges. To find out how we can help you call us now on 0800 652 5559, or complete the online enquiry form on this page.

Missing trader fraud in more detail

It is unfortunately very simple for innocent parties to become embroiled in fraudulent trading schemes, particularly if there are many different suppliers in a chain and there is not much face to face contact between firms working together.

We have represented many people who became unwittingly involved in missing trader fraud as they were the middle man in a supply chain –in most schemes of this kind it is only the importer and exporter at either end who are knowingly committing the offence.

In cases such as this, seeking legal advice quickly is absolutely essential and can make the difference between being seen as a victim, or a defendant.

Talk to JMW Solicitors

If you have been accused of committing missing trader fraud, then we can fight your corner with a dedicated team of experts in this field. We regularly call on experts to help boost our defence cases, from forensic accountants to financial service sector experts. We are able to take on clients from all over the country, including London and Manchester.

To find out more about how we can defend you against missing trader fraud charges, call us now on 0800 652 5559.

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