Disputes Over Goods & Services

Purchasing goods and services and is an integral part of business, but sometimes deals go wrong and a solicitor is needed to help resolve the disagreement.

At JMW Solicitors, our specialist dispute resolution solicitors are able to guide clients through complicated legal issues and minimise the negative impact they could ultimately have on their business.

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When can a Solicitor help resolve a goods & services dispute? 

Commercial organisations are free to draw up contracts with one another on whatever terms they mutually agree. However, problems often arise when the terms are either not recorded in writing at all or are only partially recorded.

In addition, an unforeseen situation may crop up that is difficult to resolve due to a lack of detail in the contract.

These shortcomings usually blow up when one party is accused of failing to keep its part of the bargain.

It is at this point that the legal advice provided by our goods and services dispute solicitors becomes invaluable.

We will help bring the dispute to the best possible conclusion for all parties, whether it is through clarification of the terms which arise under legislation, investigating business customs associated with the particular goods or services supplied or giving commercial sense to what has been agreed.

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