Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

We understand the pressures involved in running a business and whether you are in business with friends, family or business colleagues, disputes can arise which can lead to a breakdown in the trust and confidence between its management and/or owners. Whether you have a small shareholding or share in the business, or whether you are a majority shareholder or owner, we can assist you.

At JMW Solicitors we have many years experience in resolving disputes whether they are between shareholders in a company or partners in a partnership. With our detailed understanding of both company law and partnership law, we can advise clients in the most efficient way of resolving disputes without causing substantial effects to the ongoing running of the client's business.

Using lawyers with experience in both litigious and non-litigious areas of law, we can provide legal and commercial advice to clients in how to resolve the dispute and if necessary to negotiate the exit of one of the parties from the business. If an exit is required, we can arrange for valuations to be prepared of the business using our contacts with accountants throughout the north-west.

In addition to resolving disputes, our commercial team can provide proactive advice on how to avoid potential future disputes by preparing documentation in the form of Shareholders' and Partnership Agreements. These agreements can be drafted in detail in order to regulate proceedings in the event of a dispute including procedures and methods of valuing the business and compulsory provisions to acquire another shareholder or partner's share in the business in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved.

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