Commercial Lease Legal Costs Calculator

At JMW we offer a fixed cost service for both landlords and tenants entering into new tenancy agreements.

To determine what it would cost for us to undertake your legal work as you enter a new lease agreement simply enter the annual rental charge into the box below.

Commercial Lease Legal Fee Calculator

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  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns

    Alan joined JMW in September 2001. Alan has worked on a broad range of commercia...

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  • Jim Banfi
    Jim Banfi

    Jim is Head of our Commercial Property Department, specialising in large scale p...

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  • Stephanie Adjepong
    Stephanie Adjepong

    Stephanie Adjepong Solicitor Commercial Property Manchester

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  • Peter Chape
    Peter Chape

    Peter is a Partner in our Commercial Property Department specialising in working...

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  • Ian Gordon
    Ian Gordon

    Ian is a Partner in our Commercial Property Department with experience of workin...

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  • Thomas Pearson
    Thomas Pearson

    Thomas joined JMW from DTM Legal where he was Head of Property.

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  • Claire Hamilton
    Claire Hamilton

    Claire joined JMW in June 2013 and has extensive experience in property finance,...

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  • Julian Rogozinski
    Julian Rogozinski

    Julian joined JMW in July 2013 and is an expert in a variety of areas within com...

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  • Stephen Goodman
    Stephen Goodman

    Stephen has over 25 years’ experience as one of the leading property and develop...

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  • Paul Burton
    Paul Burton

    Paul is an Associate Solicitor within the Commercial Property Department at JMW ...

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  • Natasha Fishwick
    Natasha Fishwick

    Natasha is a Paralegal in the Commercial Property department. She joined JMW in ...

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  • Sophi Mark
    Sophi Mark

    Sophi joined JMW’s Commercial Property team in June 2014 as a paralegal.

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  • Dominic Rabbitte
    Dominic Rabbitte

    Since joining JMW full time in October 2012 Dominic has assisted the department ...

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  • Sarah Malkin
    Sarah Malkin

    Sarah joined JMW as a trainee solictor and has since qualified into the commerci...

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  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone

    Andrew joined JMW in February 2015 as a Senior Associate in the Commercial Prope...

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