Corporate Recovery: Articles

The team at JMW writes articles on corporate recovery and insolvency to ensure our clients are kept informed of the latest developments in the business world. Scroll down to begin your search through our articles.

  1. Encouraging Company Rescues

    This article outlines the support available from the Government's Insolvency Service to help with company rescues.

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  2. Economic Uncertainty and the Use of Pre-Pack Administrations

    Read Richard Wolff's article for Financier Worldwide on the use of pre-pack administrations by debt-ridden and moribund companies.

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  3. CVA or Pre-Pack?

    Choosing between a company voluntary arrangement and a pre-pack administration is not easy. this article outlines the issue a business owner should take into account when deciding.

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  4. Pre-Packaged Administrations

    Pre-pack administrations have been regarded by many as a vehicle by which companies can relieve themselves of debt. This article reveals that in reality the process is quite onerous and not necessarily an easy way out.

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