Regulation and disciplinary proceedings in the legal sector

The legal sector is strictly regulated and all solicitors must follow a stringent code of conduct. In England and Wales the sector is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, a brand of the Law Society.

The role of the authority is to ensure that the public is protected by enforcing high standards of conduct and acting when risks are apparent.

If you are a legal professional and you are facing investigation or action from a regulatory body, it is vital that you seek advice from others in your sector. At JMW Solicitors we have represented many solicitors and legal professionals accused of breaching conduct, and our leading position within the sector means we are unrivalled in our experience and knowledge.

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Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

We offer robust representation to solicitors in disciplinary tribunals, appeals based on tribunal decisions and appeals from decisions from the Law Society.

Tribunals hear cases of alleged professional misconduct or breaches of professional rules and regulation. They deal with cases involving registered European and foreign lawyers, and the tribunals also have jurisdiction over those who may not be qualified solicitors but are employed in the legal sector.

Tribunals have the power to:

  • Strike solicitors off the roll
  • Suspend solicitors indefinitely or for a specified period
  • Issue unlimited fines
  • Exclude a solicitor from Legal Aid work permanently or for a specified period
  • Restore solicitors to the roll

We have been representing fellow legal professionals for years. We know that lawyers facing professional misconduct investigations will want to be kept fully up to speed with proceedings, so we arrange regular team meetings. If necessary we may appoint experts from other departments – including family, media, employment – to your case.

Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

If you are being investigated on a professional level, it is vital to seek legal assistance as soon as possible – doing so can help to limit serious damage to your professional reputation. It is very difficult for professionals to recover from serious reputation damage, regardless of the outcome of an investigation.

We have an enviable track record in defending legal professionals involved in criminal enquiries and prosecutions. We have dealt with investigations by bodies including:

  • The Serious Fraud Office
  • The Crown Prosecution Service
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority

Our expertise is varied, though we have a particular focus on cases involving serious fraud, corruption, asset recovery and bribery.

We represent those who are facing allegations that arise out of practising law as well as those who have been accused of committing a crime independently of their job.

What you should know

As of October 2010, the minimum terms and conditions no longer require professional indemnity insurers to give cover for the cost of disciplinary proceedings brought by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. In some criminal proceedings legal expenses insurance may not be adequate.

If you are concerned about the cost of legal proceedings we can organise a confidential, no-obligation initial meeting to discuss your situation.

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