Legal Expenses Insurance

Because medical negligence claims can be expensive it is possible to purchase legal expenses insurance, which covers the cost of things like solicitors’ and medical experts’ fees. Legal expenses insurance effectively protects you from incurring excessive costs following a claim.

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How does Legal Expenses Insurance Work?

Legal expenses insurance (LEI) does not make a direct payment for a medical negligence compensation claim; rather, it covers all legal costs associated with your claim. Therefore, if it becomes necessary to employ the services of an expert witness such as a doctor or physiotherapist to attest to the severity or nature of your injuries, LEI will cover their fee. LEI is also designed to cover other legal costs, such as solicitor’s and barrister’s fees.

Our medical negligence lawyers will be happy to discuss LEI and all other funding options over the phone, or in person, during a free initial consultation.

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We always ensure our clients understand the potential costs of a claim, and have the appropriate funds in place, before beginning the legal process.

We will be happy to discuss the details of your claim and offer some initial advice, not just about funding, but also about the potential of your claim. Call 0800 054 6512 or e-mail us using our contact form and we will get back to you.

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