Case Study: Deep Vein Thrombosis Following Surgery

Compensation: £100,000

Cecilia, 51 years old, Norfolk

With JMW's help a woman has successfully obtained £100,000 compensation after a hospital failed to adhere to protocol after surgery left her with numerous, avoidable complications.

When Cecilia was 46 years old she developed a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her left leg. This progressed to a pulmonary embolus (PE) and she was admitted to hospital and anticoagulated (treated with blood thinning medication). She then took Warfarin for a further six months.

Five years after the DVT in her leg Cecilia was referred by her GP to an orthopaedic consultant following chronic pain in her left knee who diagnosed tri-compartmental osteoarthritis and recommended a total knee replacement.

A year later she attended a pre-admission clinic and her past history of DVT and associated pulmonary embolus was noted. This put her in the high-risk category for a thromboembolitic event. It is the trust's policy to give Warfarin for three months post-operatively to high risk surgical patients, but this somehow got overlooked in CB's case.

Cecilia underwent a left total knee replacement and despite her history she received no pre-operative prophylactic anticoagulation. Post-operatively she received Tinzaparin (a low molecular weight heparin) for five days, but Warfarin was not given.

Two months later, Cecilia collapsed at home with sudden onset of dizziness and shortness of breath. She was admitted to hospital where a diagnosis of PE, secondary to a DVT, was made. She then suffered a respiratory arrest and was rapidly resuscitated before being admitted to ICU where she remained for three days. She received thrombolysis and anticoagulation and was eventually discharged 2 weeks later.

Cecilia has been left with a very painful and swollen left leg and foot that considerably restricts her mobility. She claims this is a direct result of the post operative DVT, rather than the surgery itself or the previous DVT, and is likely to be long term. She now has a post-phlebitic syndrome of the left leg making her prone to further attacks of DVTs and she must now remain on continuous life-long anticoagulant therapy with Warfarin.

JMW Solicitors alleges that, had the hospital protocol for anticoagulation therapy for high risk patients been followed, she would have received Warfarin for three months post-operatively and on the balance of probabilities, she would not have developed the DVT.

The hospital admitted that failure to adhere to the protocol was negligent and made an offer to settle the claim. Cecilia received £100,000 compensation.

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