Case Study: Negligent Care Causes Deep Vein Thrombosis

Compensation: £25,000

Melanie, 25 years old

With JMW's help a young woman has secured £25,000 compensation after she received negligent care following a car accident.

Car accident

Melanie was admitted to the A+E following a car accident. She suffered a crush injury to her lower right leg and needed an x-ray. The x-ray showed that she had torn several ligaments but broken no bones. Her foot was bandaged and later that day her leg was put in a well padded back slab, which is half a plaster cast, used to allow for swelling in a new injury.

She was advised to rest, elevate the leg, immobilise and to use crutches. She was discharged but Melanie experienced a lot of pain in her lower leg over the next few days.

Six days later she was re-admitted to hospital. Her right leg was very sore and the doctor suggested that she may have a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). A DVT is a clot in the deep vein. A venogram was scheduled. A venogram is a test to determine blood flow in veins. Melanie was kept in for almost a week but discharged after the venogram with no treatment as the test indicated that there was no evidence of DVT.

Holiday plans including flying

Melanie continued to complain of pain in her right lower leg. She attended physiotherapy after a couple of weeks and an orthopaedic review clinic after a month. As she was soon to go on holiday, Melanie asked the doctor about flying to her destination; she was assured that she could continue with her plans.

During her flight Melanie tried to mobilise but when she arrived at her hotel her leg was swollen and becoming increasingly blue.

Pulmonary Embolism

After a few days Melanie developed chest pain and was admitted to hospital. She was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism (PE) secondary to femoral vein (a vein in the groin and leg) thrombosis. Melanie was in intensive care until she was transferred home to a local Hospital.

Melanie now suffers with post-phlebitis syndrome following femoral DVT. She was prescribed Warfarin.

Failure to diagnose DVT

Melanie alleged that the Hospital was negligent in failing to diagnose a DVT whilst she was an in-patient.

An expert medical opinion was supportive (agreed that the care was negligent) and in particular felt that the venogram was not recorded accurately. The expert felt that the appearance of the vein were grossly abnormal and almost certainly due to DVT in the calf vessels.


The hospital admitted negligence (breach of duty) and awarded Melanie £25,000.00 (plus costs). Melanie continues to experience swelling of her right leg when she stands for a long time and she must wear below elastic stockings indefinitely.

Have you also suffered misdiagnosis of a DVT?

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