Case Study: Patient Develops Pulmonary Emboli Because of Hospital Oversight

Compensation: £3,500

Helen, Greater Manchester

JMW has been successful in acquiring £25,000 compensation for a woman who developed pulmonary emboli due to hospital oversight.

Helen had her right ovary removed because of an ovarian tumour. All appeared to go well with the surgery and despite quite severe post-operative pain in her back and shoulder she was discharged home after two days. For some reason no anti blood clotting agent was given following her operation despite it being hospital policy to give this to all patients undergoing pelvic surgery.

Once at home the pain in her back and shoulder got steadily worse and she also had some chest pain and difficulty breathing. She had difficulty sleeping because it was painful to lie down. Four days after discharge she was readmitted to hospital with a suspected pulmonary embolus. She was started on anticoagulation and discharged into the care of her GP the following day.

A CT scan some days later showed multiple small pulmonary emboli in both lungs. She was advised that she would need to take Warfarin for six months. She suffered a number of side effects from the Warfarin (fatigue, headaches and dizzy spells) but went on to make a full recovery.


The hospital admitted that Helen should have received prophylactic anticoagulation (Tinzaparin) and the case was settled by Katie Nolan, one of our expert solicitors, for £3,500.

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