Grandfather loses sight due to poor hospital care - £750,000 

Andrew, St Helen's 

Grandfather Andrew was left devastated after a catalogue of errors and poor care by hospital staff allowed an eyesight condition to deteriorate to such a point that he was left completely blind. Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, took on his case and secured an admission of negligence from the hospital trust and £750,000 in compensation for Andrew.

Andrew had previously suffered a detached retina so when he began to have double vision he attended the A&E department of his local hospital as he was concerned that he may need urgent treatment. He was given a brief assessment by a nurse practioner who advised that no one from the eye clinic was available due to it being a weekend and to come back on Monday. Andrew felt restless and not himself for the duration of the weekend and experienced some visual disturbances.

At the eye clinic on Monday Andrew was assessed by a doctor who asked if he was experiencing a list of symptoms, including tingling on his scalp. Andrew had nearly all of the symptoms mentioned but no names of conditions were mentioned to him. Blood tests were taken and Andrew was advised that if they showed anything of concern the Dr would call him. 

Two days later, while Andrew’s wife was in London, the doctor called and told him to come to hospital as soon as possible. Andrew explained that as his wife was away he did not have any way of getting to hospital and asked if it would be OK for him to come the following morning. The doctor said that would be OK and at no point said to Andrew that he required urgent treatment or he was at risk of losing his sight.

The following morning Andrew was seen by a different doctor who said he was 99 per cent sure he had temporal arteritis but that he would need to have a biopsy to confirm it later that day. The doctor also prescribed medication but gave no instructions about when to take it so it was 7pm that evening when Andrew had eaten that he took his first tablet. That night Andrew was very distressed, he couldn’t sleep and the next day felt his eyes were not good. 

Andrew returned to the eye clinic where his eyes were tested. However Andrew was barely able to see the card. Andrew was told by doctors that they were now fighting to save his sight and this was the first time that anyone had mentioned to him the possibility that he might lose his vision. 

Andrew was admitted to hospital and his wife brought his grandchildren to see him. However Andrew’s condition was deteriorating so rapidly that by the time they arrived he had gone completely blind and could not see them. Andrew’s sight was lost permanently and he has been left devastated by the fact that he will never see his family again.

After contacting JMW Solicitors for advice, Andrew’s case was taken on by Eddie Jones. Eddie found the standard of care provided to Andrew was very poor and serious errors had been made. These included sending him home without adequate assessment of his condition and failing to recall him to hospital for urgent treatment following test results.

The case was successful and although nothing can make up for Andrew’s lost sight, he was awarded £750,000 to help him to cope with the financial consequences of his new disability. 

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