Knee Replacement Surgery Clinical Negligence

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or Partial Knee Replacement Surgery can often have a very positive effect on patient’s mobility and quality of life.

Although the majority of procedures are carried out successfully, a significant proportion of patients are subject to mistakes by medical professionals before, during or after the surgery.

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At JMW Solicitors, our legal experts have dealt with a wide variety of knee replacement surgery clinical negligence cases, with patients suffering from a range of different problems.

Sometimes clinical negligence during this procedure can lead to an infection, limited mobility and pain.

Mistakes made during knee replacement surgery can clearly have a huge affect on the life of the victim, potentially leading to long term disability and the need to meet the cost of essentials such as treatment and alternative transport arrangements.

This is why expert legal advice and - if the case is ultimately successful - compensation is so important, as it increases the chance of the client's quality of life improving considerably.

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