Prescription Error Success Stories

  • Penicillin Sensitivity Overlooked - £3,000

    Cindy, 37 years old, Liverpool

    When 37 year old Cindy went into hospital to give birth to her 6th baby she informed the medical and nursing staff that she was allergic to penicillin. She was therefore fitted with a wrist band warning of the sensitivity.

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  • Dispensing Error - £13,000

    Naomi, 27 years old, Plymouth

    Naomi had an emergency Caesarean Section because of pre-eclampsia. Following delivery she was inadvertently administered suxamethonium, a paralysing agent used in anaesthesia, instead of syntometrine, a drug used to cause the uterus to contract. She was unable to speak or move and lapsed into unconsciousness while trying desperately to breathe.

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  • Steroid Overdose - £100,000

    Belinda, 37 years old, Oldham

    Belinda was referred by her GP to a neurologist at her local hospital because of a 6 month history of weakness in the legs, disturbance of balance and nystagmus.

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  • Negligent Treatment of Gentamycin Toxicity - £350,000

    Katherine, 43 years old, Manchester

    Katherine had a long history of renal problems and commenced chronic ambulatory peritoneal renal dialysis (CAPD) following the insertion of a Tenchkoff catheter into her abdomen.

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