Clinical Negligence Cases

Read case studies on successful clinical and medical negligence cases where JMW's solicitors have obtained considerable sums of money for people who have suffered as a result of someone else's mistake.

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To find out more about the medical negligence cases we have taken on and won, take a look below. You will find cases relating to a range of injuries and illnesses, such as cancer, spinal injury, and cauda equina syndrome.

All case studies are based on current or former JMW clients however names and locations have been changed to protect identities.

  • Missed fracture of back in patient who later died- £138,000

    Engineer Frank was left paralysed from the waist down after appalling errors meant a fracture to his spine went undiagnosed. Tragically due to the paralysis Frank developed a pressure sore which became so severe that it contributed to his death. However the specialist medical negligence team at JMW was able to continue the claim on behalf of Frank’s family to help them to cope with the financial fall-out of their loss.

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  • Delay in diagnosing scaphoid fracture - £17,500

    Ryan, 19, was awarded £17,500 in compensation after his delay in diagnosing scaphoid fracture case was taken by JMW medical negligence solicitor Katie Nolan.

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  • Delay in diagnosing hip fracture causes suffering for terminal cancer patient - £18,500

    Betty 77 lost her mobility and dignity in the final months of her life after doctors failed to diagnose a hip fracture. Tragically she died from cancer before her claim was concluded but JMW's Sophie Fox was successful in obtaining £18,500 in compensation for her family.

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  • Negligent knee surgery - £48,000

    Roger, 39, was awarded £48,000 in compensation after negligent knee surgery caused him pain and suffering. His case was handled by Sophie Fox, one of JMW's specialist medical negligence solicitors.

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  • Failure to diagnose tendon damage - £30,000

    A hospital doctor failed to diagnose tendon damage in Steven’s hand after he fell and injured himself at work. As a result he did not receive appropriate treatment and was left with permanent pain, stiffness and reduced grip strength. Steven’s case was taken on by Nick Young, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, and he was awarded £30,000 in compensation.

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Clinical Negligence Specialists

At JMW, our solicitors have years of experience in helping victims of medical negligence improve the quality of their life and cover the escalated costs - such as  for ongoing treatment, care or changes in transport requirements - that have come about because of their suffering.

Unlike many law firms, our team is approachable and friendly, and deals with clinical negligence cases with the utmost sensitivity and understanding

This is one of the reasons why our specialist department is widely recognised as being one of the best of its kind across the UK, with members of the Law Society's specialist panel for clinical negligence, as well as the Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) solicitors panel, making up the team. We also hold a Legal Aid Franchise Contract for Clinical Negligence.

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