Surgical Injuries: Case Studies

  • Part of Appendix Left Behind After Surgery Leads to Further Appendicitis - £6,750

    Simon suffered an agonising second bout of appendicitis and further surgery after doctors failed to remove the whole of his appendix the first time round. Simon’s case was taken on by Steven Brown, and he was awarded £6,750 in compensation.

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  • Swab Left in Abdomen - £7,500

    JMW secured £7,500 in compensation for Cheryl, who suffered severe infection after swabs were left in her abdomen during surgery.

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  • Man Permanently Scarred Due to Negligence During Surgery - £6,000

    Barry, 55, of Sheffield, was left with permanent scarring due to negligence following an operation

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  • Burst Wound Following Operation - £7,500

    Ellie, £7,500 Compensation

    Case study of a woman who was awarded £7,500 in compensation due to negligent closing of a wound following surgery.

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  • Necrotising Fasciitis Following Sterilisation - £40,000

    Nancy, 29 years old

    Following a sterilisation operation Nancy suffered an necrotising fasciitis infection, and fistula. She recovered from these complications but the sterilisation didn't work and she became pregnant again.

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  • Poor After-Care Resulted in Amputation of Finger - £27,000

    Wendy, 27 years old, Peterborough

    The middle joint of Wendy’s right little finger had been permanently flexed since birth (“trigger” finger). As it had become painful and something of a nuisance she decided to have it straightened.

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  • Bilateral Oesphageal Tears Sustained During Procedure - £60,000

    Ian, St Helens, 37 years old

    Ian wore a partial denture for one tooth. During the evening Ian inadvertently swallowed the denture, and it became lodged in his throat. He attended A& E and it was discovered that the denture was lodged in his oesophagus at approximately the level of the 6th cervical vertebrae.

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  • Chemical Burn During Surgery - £8,500

    Natasha, 5 years old, Manchester

    Natasha had suffered from problems with her kidneys since birth. She was diagnosed as having a duplex left kidney and as a consequence, she was admitted to hospital heminephroureterectomy (removal of a portion of a kidney and ureter).

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  • Bowel Perforation Following Laparoscopy - £80,000

    Sharon, 27 years old, Kent

    Sharon had many years of trouble becoming pregnant and attended hospital for an investigatory laparoscopy. Endometriosis was noted but the procedure was abandoned due to excessive bleeding.

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  • Perforated Bowel - £250,000

    Linda, 35 years old, York

    Linda was born with a congenital cranio-facial abnormality known as Pierre Robins Syndrome (PRS). She had had 3 previous pregnancies with no problems.

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  • Negligent Knee Operation £185,000

    Daniel, 33 years old, Darlington

    Whilst serving in the Army Daniel sustained a twisting injury to his right knee and continued to suffer pain from that knee. He underwent several courses of physiotherapy and a number of arthroscopies, but his condition persisted. JMW Solicitors win £185,000 for negligent knee surgery.

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  • Negligent Post-Operative Care Leads to Neurological Problems - £400,000

    William, 63 years old, Stoke-on-Trent

    William had always been extremely keen on walking and mountaineering. He had suffered from problems with arthritis since his 50’s and had two cartilage operations to one of his knees. He continued his hill walking activities, but on a much reduced scale.

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  • Negligent Knee Replacement - £370,452

    Diane, 48 years old, Rochdale

    Diane attended her GP complaining of increasing pain in both knees. An X - ray showed arthritic changes. Despite a number of steroid injections to both knees over the next 2 years Diane became quite debilitated by the continuing pain and was referred to an orthopaedic consultant.

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  • Brain Damage Caused by Anaesthetic Accident - £60,000

    John underwent an operation to remove metalwork from his lumbar spine that had been inserted at a previous operation. At the time is used a wheelchair because of chronic back problems.

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  • Negligent Surgery for Crohn's Disease - £90,000

    Carol, 59 years old, London

    Carol had a history of Crohn's disease and in the past had undergone a right colectomy. By the time she was 56 years old it was noted that there was a recurrent Crohn's mass in the right iliac fossa and it was decided to proceed to surgery to resection the bowel.

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  • Ureter Damage After Surgery - £25,000

    Lucy, 47 years old, Cambridge

    Lucy attended her GP and was referred to a gynaecologist after complaining of heavy painful periods. A diagnosis of multiple fibroids was made and after considering the options she elected to have a total abdominal hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries.

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  • Damage to Ureter at Hysterectomy - £38,000

    Jenny, 40 years old, Portsmouth

    Jenny had a long history of heavy painful periods and underwent a laparoscopically-assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH). She had had 8 children and at surgery some abdominal adhesions were encountered but otherwise the operation appeared to go according to plan.

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