Case Study: Failure to Diagnose Testicular Torsion

Compensation: £13,000

Sam, 21 years old, Cardiff

This case study outlines how JMW helped a man to claim £13,000 after a failure to carry out a presumptive diagnosis of testicular torsion.

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Sam was referred by his GP to a Consultant Urological Surgeon as he was complaining of a painful left testis. The Surgeon who examined him arranged for an ultrasound scan. Following the ultrasound scan, it was found that Sam had a normal testis, and there was no indication of torsion.

For eleven months following discharge from hospital, Sam was well with no further testicular symptoms. However one day whilst driving home from work, a journey of approximately 20 minutes, Sam's left testicle swelled, to what he described as "an enormous proportion", and the pain was "excruciating".

Sent home from A&E

Sam arrived home and described his symptoms to his mother, who drove him immediately to the A&E. He was ‘in agony’ and given pain relief. Two hours after admission Sam was examined by a doctor and informed that he would need a scan, and he would be guaranteed an appointment within the next 2 weeks. Sam was then discharged home with painkillers and a prescription for antibiotics.

No referral sent

Two days later, having heard nothing from the hospital, Sam rang the scanning department. They had not received any referral letter, and Sam was invited to ring back. He rang two days later and again was informed that no referral had been received.

Sam arranged an appointment with a private Consultant Urologist. He was seen within six days. The Urologist arrived at a diagnosis of a possible missed torsion. Sam underwent excision of the left testicle and fixing of the right testicle. Due to the risk of haematoma and extrusion, a decision was taken at the time not to insert a prosthetic testicle.

How we helped

JMW Solicitors alleged that a presumptive diagnosis of torsion should have been made and referral to the on-call surgical team, or the A&E Consultant made. Prompt surgery would have prevented irreversible testicular damage and on the balance of probabilities, the torsion would have been corrected by manipulation with preservation of the testis.


Sam accepted £13,000 compensation of which approximately £2,500 was for the future medical cost of inserting a prosthetic testis.

Have you also suffered negligent treatment of testicular torsion

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