Case Study: Failure to Spot Testicular Torsion 

Compensation: £40,000

Alan, 19 years old, Ripon

Nineteen-year-old Alan awoke in the middle of the night with severe pain in his abdomen and right testicle.

He attended the out-of-hours clinic where a diagnosis of inflamed, and possibly infected, testicle (orchitis) was made.  He was given painkillers and antibiotics.

3 days later Alan went to the A&E department as the pain and swelling in his testicle was getting worse.

An ultrasound scan was performed and a diagnosis of torsion (twisting) of the testicle was made. Alan was told that as the blood supply to the testicle had been cut off for so long the testicle had “died” and would have to be removed.


Alan claimed that the doctor should have suspected a torsion of the testicle when he was first seen and referred him for an urgent surgical opinion. If this had been done there is a good chance that the testicle could have been saved with emergency surgery.


The case was settled by JMW Solicitors for £40,000.

Have you also suffered a missed diagnosis?

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