Case Study: Lack of Adequate Care Leads to Young Man Losing Testicle

Compensation: £50,000

Jim, 29, London

When Jim noticed a swelling in his left testicle he immediately contacted his GP who noted a large collection of enlarged veins in the scrotum lying immediately behind the testicle. He was referred to a urologist and some weeks later underwent surgery to tie off the engorged veins

Jim was discharged the following day but once at home the swelling steadily increased.

Sent home from A&E three times

After some days he rang the A&E department and was reassured that this degree of swelling was not unusual. However, the swelling continued to increase both in size and tenderness and when blisters appeared on the scrotum Jim attended the A&E department where an infected haematoma (collection of blood) was diagnosed.

An ultrasound scan showed a small left testicle and suggested a possible compression of the blood supply to the testicle. No action was taken.


Over the next 10 days Jim attended A&E and his GP on a number of occasions with scrotal swelling, pain and discharge and eventually another ultrasound scan was performed, which showed that the left testicle had died. The testicle was then removed.

The claim for negligence

Had Jim been reviewed in hospital when he first telephoned for advice, or had the testicle been explored on any of the three occasions when he subsequently attended A&E it would have probably been possible to save the testicle.

Jim cannot wear a testicular prosthesis because of the degree of scar tissue in the scrotum.


The defendant hospital admitted a breach of duty in providing adequate care and the case was settled by Angharad Hughes, one of JMW’s expert solicitors for £50,000.


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