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A declaration of trust is required when two or more unmarried parties choose to move in together, or decide to live in a property already owned by one of the prospective tenants, and jointly own the property.

If you want to draw up a deed, or are considering buying a home with a partner and want legal advice on how best to protect your investment, speak to the experts here at JMW.

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What is a Declaration of Trust?

A declaration of trust or trust deed outlines the proportion of a property that is owned by each tenant, as well as the interest of a third party who is not on the title but has contributed to the purchase of the home.

The document is particularly useful for avoiding disputes relating to the ownership of property once a couple has split up.

It should include:

  • How much of the mortgage is paid by each party

  • How utilities and other outgoings will be paid for

  • Provisions for children

  • A method of valuing the property

  • Arrangements in the event of buying each other out

How JMW's Residential Property Solicitors Can Help

At JMW, our solicitors have vast experience helping people draw up a declaration of trust that suits each party and fully outlines all the necessary legal information that will protect their investment and help to avoid disputes.

We also aim to provide you with legal advice that is free of legal jargon and easy to understand, as well as guide you through the process in a hassle-free manner.

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