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If you are a Personal Injury and/or Medical Negligence firm and your client has lost the mental capacity to manage their property and affairs, they may require a Court of Protection Deputy to handle any interim payment(s) received in a claim in the first instance, and to ensure protected parties’ financial affairs are appropriately managed thereafter.


A Court of Protection Deputy’s costs are a recoverable claim in the litigation. These costs can significantly enhance the value of the claim and this is an area that should not be underestimated. We recommend using our experienced Court of Protection team to produce an Expert Witness report detailing:

  • Whether a Deputy appointment is appropriate
  • Deputyship costs
  • Court of Protection fees
  • Capacity issues under the Mental Capacity Act
  • Whether a Statutory Will is required
  • The cost of professional trustees where relevant

How we can help

Our solicitors work closely with personal injury and medical negligence lawyers to ensure a comprehensive service.

Our client focused team aims to relieve individuals, parents and family members of the stress and complexities that can arise when someone acquires a brain injury, allowing them to focus on being there for their loved one.


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