Race and Nationality Discrimination

Under the Equality Act 2010 it is illegal for anyone to be discriminated against in the workplace due to their race or nationality. Discrimination of this sort can take many forms, from the use of racist language by managers to the setting of rules which put those of a certain nationality at a distinct disadvantage compared to their colleagues.

If you’ve been discriminated against in your workplace and the victimisation was based on your race or nationality you could be eligible to make a claim – and JMW can help. We are employment law and discrimination experts and our experience is varied, including cases in all kinds of sectors, involving firms of all sizes.

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Types of discrimination due to race or nationality

Discrimination based on race or nationality can be direct or indirect – direct is defined as being treated less favourably than colleagues due to their race or nationality and could include verbal bullying.

Indirect discrimination is more complex – it could involve a manager making a request which is difficult for certain employees to fulfil due to their race or nationality, perhaps banning the wearing of headscarves in an office or requiring all employees to be clean shaven.

Another example could be a workplace having health and safety signs only in English, despite employing an international workforce.

In simple terms, both indirect and direct discrimination make it more difficult for someone to go about their job, whether in practical terms or due to them feeling victimised and unhappy about going to work.

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