Economic optimism will give couples the confidence to split, say experts

News that the UK is officially out of recession will prompt a rise in divorce rates, experts have predicted.

Lawyers at JMW Solicitors have already witnessed a 30 per cent increase in instructions since October 2011, as unhappy couples who shelved their divorce plans in an attempt to ride-out the recession could no longer stand to wait for the economy to pick up before they split up.

Now with the UK officially emerging from recession, the firm is predicting this rise will gather pace, as optimism about the economy gives couples the confidence to say “I don’t”.

The team saw divorce enquiries drop by 40 per cent in the six months from November 2008, as many couples put their break-up plans on hold in the face of gloomy warnings about the economy. After a steady few years, during which determined spouses eagerly awaited news of green shoots, recession weariness has pushed many couples to breaking point.

Catherine Jones, partner at JMW Solicitors, said: “As the economic outlook got progressively dimmer, fears about job security and concerns over the ability to sell property saw many couples postponing their divorce plans.

“Few, however, predicted that this would be the longest recession for 50 years and for many the on-going gloom proved miserable enough, without having to deal with a marriage on the rocks.

“This recession-weariness has led to a steady rise in divorce proceedings in the last 12 months which is now set to gather pace with the economic recovery.”


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