Case Study: Shipbuilder's Claim for Pleural Thickening

Mr E Was Awarded £400,000

JMW helped to secure £400,000 after a man was diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease.

Mr E contacted JMW Solicitors having initially instructed another firm of solicitors who rejected his case on the basis it had no prospects of success. Mr E turned to JMW Solicitors having seen a leaflet advertising expertise in industrial diseases.  

JMW Solicitors secured £400,000 for Mr E, following his diagnosis of an asbestos related disease, Bilateral Pleural Thickening.

The Claim

Mr E was exposed to a substantial amount of asbestos throughout two separate stints of employment from the 1970s until 1991, at a Shipyard.

He had numerous trades at the Shipyard including Rigger, Apprentice Welder and Labourer.

In performing his duties, Mr E was exposed to asbestos dust primarily from conducting work in a poorly ventilated environment, within a close proximity to asbestos-lagged pipes.

Having faced rejection from previous solicitors, we managed to gather the necessary evidence and advised Mr E that his claim had strong prospects of success. The claim was issued at court on behalf of Mr E and we immediately obtained an interim payment of £50,000 from the defendant.

The interim payment was vital to help Mr E both financially and to support him in all his care needs. Mr E had been physically unable to work for the previous three years and so was in desperate need of assistance.

The Defendant

The defendant was initially reluctant to reach a suitable settlement. Given Mr E was struggling to cope due to his rapid deterioration in health, we entered a protracted course of negotiations with the view to fighting his case up to trial.

Just three days before the trial, the defendant finally offered a reasonable figure in the sum of £400,000. Mr E’s immediate and future care needs were paramount and the amount was seen as reasonable. Mr E accepted the £400,000 and was delighted that he could now use the funds to make his day to day life considerably easier.


We were extremely conscious that Mr E required immediate assistance and a substantial level of professional care in the future. Working closely with Mr E, we arranged for a professional care package to be devised and facilitated on conclusion of the claim. 

Mr E was keen to promote the satisfaction with the service he received from JMW Solicitors LLP commenting:

‘Obviously, I am delighted with what the team at JMW Solicitors have been able to do for me and their hard work on my case.  The settlement they have been able to secure for me has brought me peace of mind and is going to help me with living the rest of my life… I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in my situation who wish to make a claim for compensation’

Following the settlement, Mr E battled with his health however, he was in a far better place to make his life as comfortable as ever possible. He was able to purchase his own property for the first time and gained strength from knowledge he had reached financial security for himself and his family.

Mr E sadly recently passed away. His family have contacted JMW Solicitors to express their gratitude for such professionalism, confidence and expertise in obtaining his settlement and ultimately helping Mr E to be as comfortable as possible in his final stages of life. 


If you or a loved one has contracted an asbestos-related disease at work, contact us on 0800 054 6570 or fill out a contact form to discuss whether you have a claim.

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