The Pathway to Compensation for Mesothelioma Claimants

If you have been diagnosed with the Asbestos related cancer of Mesothelioma, then the prospect of claiming compensation may seem daunting. With Specialist Solicitor Andrew Lilley of JMW Solicitors to help you, the pathway to compensation is usually relatively swift and it is unlikely you will have to go to Court.

There are 7 main steps to claiming compensation.

  1. You will be visited in the comfort of your home (wherever you live in the UK) and a statement will be taken from you. You will be provided with an initial assessment of the likely success of your claim at this meeting.
  2. We will investigate your employer's history and do all we can to identify their insurers. The employer is known as the Defendant. You are the Claimant.
  3. We will then notify the Defendant of your claim.
  4. A Consultant Chest Physician will visit you and then prepare a Medical Report.
  5. We will attempt to negotiate a favourable settlement of your claim with the Defendant or their insurers at this stage but if that is not possible, Court proceedings will be commenced. This does not mean you will necessarily have to attend Court.
  6. The Court will "fast-track" your claim and it will be handled by a specialist Judge.

    At a preliminary hearing (which you do not have to attend), the Judge will order the Defendant to give good reasons why they should be allowed to defend the claim. If they cannot do so, the Judge will award Judgment in your favour, which means you will have won your case.
  7. Even if the Judge does not award you Judgment, your claim will be pursued quickly and efficiently, which usually results in an out of Court settlement, on terms favourable to you. 100% of compensation is received by the victim.

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