Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Are you suffering from Vibration White finger?

If you are suffering from vibration white finger and can demonstrate that it is associated with your work you may well be able to make a claim. Contact us on 0800 054 6574 or complete the enquiry form to arrange a free consultation to determine if you have a compensation claim.

Vibration White Finger is often associated with jobs where there is regular use of pneumatic drills, wacker plates, power drills, and chain saws.

Sufferers experience aches and numbness as well as tingling sensations in their hands and blanching. The condition is typically seen amongst  polishers , road workers and forestry engineers.

Some of our previous cases

Man in mid-thirties develops vibration white finger due to work environment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - £17,000

Who can make a claim?

An employer has a duty to ensure that employees using equipment that could cause harm are given appropriate training; regular breaks and encouraged to operate the equipment safely with appropriate safety equipment. In addition the employer needs to ensure that vibrating power equipment is properly maintained.

If you believe your employer has not acted properly and that his actions or lack of action might have contributed to your vibration white finger; you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for damages including loss of earnings.

The important thing is to discuss your situation with a specialist vibration white finger solicitor – someone who understands the law and the medical issues relating to your condition.

At JMW we have handled many vibration white finger claims over the years with some very substantial settlements made in our clients’ favour. 

We also work on a no win no fee basis, our free initial consultation helps us assess the potential of your claim. Our goal is to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your claim; the compensation that you rightly deserve for your injury.  

To speak to a specialist vibration white finger solicitor call us on 0800 054 6570 or use the enquiry form on this page. We will get straight back to you.

Another condition that is sometimes associated with Vibration White Finger is carpal tunnel syndrome – compensation is also available for this  condition. Get in touch and we will quickly assess your situation.

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