Drunk in Charge

If you have been accused of being drunk in charge of a vehicle, you need legal advice from a team of specialist motoring solicitors who can help you build a robust defence or help you reduce the penalty you receive from the court.

The experts here at JMW can take the stress out of facing a prosecution for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle, by backing you with their significant technical expertise and years of experience helping drivers stay on the road.

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Drunk in Charge Offences Defined

Being drunk in charge is different to drink driving. To be convicted of this offence, the prosecution must prove that the amount of alcohol in your blood was above the legal limit and also that you were in charge of a vehicle in a public place.

Key considerations when deciding whether you were ‘in charge’ of the vehicle are your position in relation to the car, where the keys were, what you were doing and if there was any evidence that you intended to drive the vehicle.

Penalties for Drunk in Charge Offences

The possible punishments for being drunk in charge are slightly different to those for drink driving, in that on conviction the defendant is not automatically given a 12 month disqualification from driving.

They include:

  • A fine plus either;
  • 10 penalty points; or
  • A Disqualification from driving 
  • A possible community order

If you decide to defend the allegation, you would need to satisfy the court that you had no intention of taking control of the vehicle.

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