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If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in injury, call the personal injury solicitors at JMW on 0800 054 6570  or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

We will assess your case and advise you on your right to claim compensation. Providing there is a valid claim we can work for you under a no win no fee agreement.

Our team of lawyers will act on your behalf to seek the best possible result.

  • Andrew Lilley
    Andrew Lilley

    Andrew is head of our Industrial Disease team working on many high value and cat...

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  • Gordon Cartwright
    Gordon Cartwright

    Gordon is a Partner in the Personal Injury Department with special expertise in ...

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  • Ian Eyre
    Ian Eyre

    Ian is a Partner in the Personal Injury Department specialising in road traffic ...

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  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powell

    Richard is joint head of the Personal Injury department, specialising in high va...

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  • Chris Sutton
    Chris Sutton

    Chris is joint head of our Personal Injury Department, specialising in high valu...

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  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams

    Sarah is a Solicitor in JMW's Personal Injury department, handling an array of d...

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  • Ayshea Ahmed
    Ayshea Ahmed

    Ayshea works in JMW's personal injury team as a Litigation Executive.

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  • Jayne Anderson
    Jayne Anderson

    Jayne works as a road traffic accident specialist in JMW's Personal Injury depar...

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  • Michelle Arathoon
    Michelle Arathoon

    Michelle Arathoon works as a Litigation Executive in the Personal Injury team, s...

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  • Hannah Atkinson
    Hannah Atkinson

    Hannah works as a Trainee Solicitor in JMW's Industrial Disease team.

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  • Jane Bedford McLaren
    Jane Bedford McLaren

    Jane is a Senior Associate working in the Personal Injury team, dealing with a w...

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  • Mike Bloor
    Mike Bloor

    Mike is a New Business Supervisor within the New Business Unit, dealing with new...

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  • Daniel Brien
    Daniel Brien

    Daniel Brien is a legal consultant in the Personal Injury department working wit...

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  • Karen Broady
    Karen Broady

    Karen is a Legal Executive in JMW's Personal Injury team, specialising in highwa...

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  • Rachel Crook
    Rachel Crook

    Rachel is a Litigation Executive within the Personal Injury department, speciali...

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  • Danielle Gibson
    Danielle Gibson

    Danielle is a specialist Communications Coordinator, working within JMW's Person...

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  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison

    Paul handles the all paperwork needed to ensure our personal injury clients' cla...

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  • Jason Harwood
    Jason Harwood

    Jason is a Partner in the Personal Injury team, specialising primarily in claims...

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  • Angela Hince
    Angela Hince

    Angela Hince is a Solicitor in JMW's Personal Injury team, dealing with a variet...

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  • David Kershaw
    David Kershaw

    David is a Senior Associate at JMW, specialising in road traffic accident claims...

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  • Adam Leyland
    Adam Leyland

    Adam works as a Costs Draftsman in JMW's Costs team.

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  • Wendy Ludlam
    Wendy Ludlam

    Wendy is a Litigation Executive in JMW's Personal Injury department, working acr...

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  • Sam McElroy
    Sam McElroy

    Sam is a Solicitor in JMW's Personal Injury team, working on a wide variety of c...

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  • Lee McGovern
    Lee McGovern

    Lee is the Manager of JMW's New Business Unit, the department that handles and p...

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  • Abigail Morrison
    Abigail Morrison

    Abigail is an Associate in the Industrial Disease team, responsible for a range ...

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  • Sinead Mulcair
    Sinead Mulcair

    Sinead is a legal consultant in the new business unit at JMW helping new employm...

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  • Susan O'Connor
    Susan O'Connor

    Susan has recently been promoted to a Paralegal position within the Personal Inj...

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  • Deborah Parkinson
    Deborah Parkinson

    Deborah is a Senior Associate in JMW's Personal Injury team who works across a n...

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  • Cheryl Patel
    Cheryl Patel

    Cheryl works in JMW's Personal Injury department, and specialises in road traffi...

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  • Paul Read
    Paul Read

    Paul works with new personal injury and employment clients to ensure all their q...

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  • Ian Sangan
    Ian Sangan

    Ian Sangan is a supervisor in the personal injury department new business unit. ...

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  • Lis Smith
    Lis Smith

    Lis is a Paralegal in JMW's Personal Injury team

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  • Lisa Sutton
    Lisa Sutton

    Lisa specialises in road traffic accident claims on behalf of JMW's Personal Inj...

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  • Jean Warde
    Jean Warde

    Jean is a Senior Associate in JMW's Personal Injury team.

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  • Linda Medhurst
    Linda Medhurst

    Linda is a Legal Executive working in JMW's personal injury department with over...

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  • Alex Hudson
    Alex Hudson

    Alex works as a Paralegal in JMW's busy Personal Injury team

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  • Andrew Skae
    Andrew Skae

    Andrew works in the Personal Injury team as a trainee solicitor, having joined t...

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  • Jemma Goldstone
    Jemma Goldstone

    Jemma acts for claimants who have suffered injury through no fault of their own.

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  • Debbie Monaghan
    Debbie Monaghan

    Debbie is a costs manager in the Personal Injury department.

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  • Laura Wilkinson
    Laura Wilkinson

    Laura Wilkinson is a Paralegal in JMW's renowned Personal Injury team.

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  • Michelle Waknine

    Michelle is a Paralegal in JMW's Personal Injury department.

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  • Fozia Bi
    Fozia Bi

    Fozia is a Trainee Costs Draftsman who works in JMW's Costs team.

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  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith

    Lauren is a Trainee Costs Draftsman working in JMW's thriving costs team.

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  • Lucy Cooper
    Lucy Cooper

    Lucy is a solicitor in JMW's personal injury department, specialising in Industr...

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  • Jack Holland

    Jack is a Trainee Costs Draftsman working in JMW's costs team.

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  • Mark Newton
    Mark Newton

    Mark works in JMW’s New Business Unit as a Legal Consultant, dealing with Employ...

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We are waiting for your enquiry, if you are unsure about anything contact us, we can explain the whole claims process so that you understand exactly what will happen.

Our personal injury lawyers are highly experienced, and have successfully handled a huge range of claims over many years. You will receive clear and confident advice, and with the peace of mind of knowing that you have the best available representation. Each year, we secure millions of pounds in compensation for our clients by taking positive action on their behalf and presenting the strongest possible claim.

Operating nationwide from our Manchester base we pride ourselves on providing a very high level of customer service. With JMW, it’s personal.

If you are a Scottish national and have been injured as a result of an accident that was not your fault, please click here to find out how JMW can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

If you would like us to help with your claim, please contact us on 0800 054 6570 for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose by speaking to us, and everything to gain.

Our areas of specialisation include:

Accidents At Work

Bicycle Accidents


Head Injuries

Holiday Claims

Motorcycle Accidents

Motoring Accidents

Occupational Diseases

Pedestrian Accidents

Slips & Trips

Spinal Injuries

Traumatic Amputations

Have you been injured? Do you know what your claim is worth?

Take a quick look at our compensation calculator for a guide to how much you could expect to claim.


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