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Compensation Amounts

Complete loss of function 
£38,000 - £48,000

Permanent disability with some level of movement 
£19,000 - £31,000

Less severe injury 
£10,000 - £19,000

An uncomplicated Colles' fracture 
Approx. £6,000

Mild fracture or soft tissue injury 
£2,500 - £3,500


If you have suffered a wrist injury that was caused by someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  People who have sustained such injuries are often put off from trying to recover compensation because they are unsure how much they could ultimately claim. But with the help of our comprehensive and easy-to-use compensation calculator, this no longer has to be an issue.

We have provided estimates for a variety of injuries of differing severity across the whole of the body, to provide you with more insight and information from the outset.

For example, a wrist injury resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist could entitle the sufferer to up to somewhere in the region of £48,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering, with the sufferer also being entitled to claim for any financial losses such as time off work.  At the other end of the scale, a minor wrist injury that requires plaster cast and recovery time of a couple of months may entitle the sufferer to a figure more in the region of £3,500 before financial losses are taken into account.

If you want a more detailed and accurate estimate as to the amount of compensation you could claim for your specific wrist injury, get in touch with our legal advisors today. Equally, if you want to find out more information about the process of making a personal injury compensation claim, please don't hesitate to call us.

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