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Daniel works in the New Business Unit at JMW Solicitors, providing client support and advice to Personal Injury and other departments within the firm.  His main role is a Supervisor, assisting with other general duties in the team when needed, ensuring that the department runs smoothly and efficiently. 

He has been with the firm since August 2008 and with the New Business Unit since November 2008, leaving for eleven months in October 2014 to travel the world, before returning to his Supervisor role within the New Business Unit in September 2015.

Outside work, Daniel likes to take part in all sorts of sports.  He regularly goes to the gym and goes snowboarding every year.  He now has a keen interest in travelling to countries outside of Europe!   

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW after I had completed my education.  When I joined, JMW was a smaller firm than it is now, but always had the potential to grow.  This potential is now being realised and I am excited to be part of this. 

Who would you...

Share a pint with:

The person I would most like to share a pint with is Sir Alex Ferguson.  What he achieved with Manchester United over the years he was at the club is phenomenal and I would love to talk football with him.   

Have cook for you:

I would have my Granddad cook for me – quite possibly the best cheese on toast I have ever tasted!  

Stay in with:

I would spend a night in with Tom Stade.  It would probably be the funniest night of my life. 

JMW Is...

J ourney

M ost

W elcome

Since joining JMW, I’ve been able to learn and grow, developing new areas of expertise and specialising in areas like social media.  It’s been a great journey so far and I’m happy to take it further. 


  • Client support
  • Setting up new claims
  • Writing reports
  • Overseeing tasks

E-mail: daniel.brien@jmw.co.uk

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