David Kershaw

Senior Associate

Personal Injury


David is a Senior Associate in JMW’s Personal Injury team and has been with the company for nearly 20 years. He was actively involved in the early days of the department and helped create a solid base for the now 50+ staff in the team. David specialises in fast track and multi track PI cases and has over 35 years experience in dealing with them for both solicitors and insurers. In addition to his own case load David supervises a team of junior staff and tries to involves himself as much as possible in the day to day running of the department.   

When not at work, he can be found playing his beloved drums in a rock covers band, dreaming of stardom. Being a Yorkshireman, he also has no hesitation in admitting to being partial to a pie and a pint! 

Why did you join JMW?
I joined JMW as I relished the challenge of being involved in a small, developing department. I had also received numerous reports that the company was very focused and friendly, both of which turned out to be perfectly true.   

E-mail:  david.kershaw@jmw.co.uk


Personal injury claims

Credit hire

Liability assessment

Social media

Key cases

  • Achieving a settlement for a self-employed molecatcher who was struck by the wife of a former national bank.  Despite her insurers denying the defendant’s responsibility for the accident and forcing us to go to court, we were able to ensure our client was compensated for his injuries and loss of earnings. 
  • Settling a case for three passengers involved in a car accident where the driver smashed the car into a lamppost at speed.  Each suffered nasty injuries, however, we were able to achieve good settlements for them, helping them to recover from their injuries. 
  • Inherited case from another firm of solicitors who were advising client to settle for 5K. Eventually settled the matter a few months later for just short of 15K.

What others say

Client, Mr S: Many thanks for the help, it was great to have the back up!

Client, Mrs B: David Kershaw is the best, kind, so helpful.  Thank you so much.

Mr Warry, school careers advisor 1979: Take my word for it computers are not the next big thing, so why don’t you do something interesting like working for an insurance company

Who would you...

Share a pint with:

I’d love to go for a pint with the late Keith Moon. I’ve read so much about him over the years and would to see if even a small percentage of it was actually true. I’m sure it’d be a good night whatever!


Have cook dinner for you:

I’d probably ask the dinner ladies from the school I attended during my teenage years as, unlike many others, I loved the food they produced.


Stay in with:

For my night in it’d have to be Frank Skinner, Paul Merton, a few beers and a curry

JMW Is...

Job I



Having being working now for over 35 years in total, I have to say that the last 19 at JMW have been the most enjoyable by far. New challenges, new friends and the satisfaction of knowing that the company’s reputation is continuing to grow. 

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