Jayne Anderson

Litigation Executive

Personal Injury


Jayne has been with JMW for 14 years, and currently works as a Litigation Executive.  She specialises in road traffic accidents, guiding clients through the claims process from start to finish.  Jayne has made a conscious decision to make road traffic accidents her focal point at this stage in her career, and has worked hard to have an in-depth understanding of such cases in order to get the best compensation awards for her clients. 

When not at work, Jayne has a number of hobbies and enjoys relaxing and watching films and soap operas, keeping fit, swimming, walking and reading.  She also enjoys eating out and going to the theatre. 

Why did you join JMW?
I was looking for a job and decided to canvas reputable solicitors’ practices in Manchester with my CV.  JMW were recruiting, asked me to come in for an interview, after which I was offered the job.  I have never looked back and have been happy and proud to work at JMW ever since. 

E-mail: jayne.anderson@jmw.co.uk


Road traffic accidents

Key cases

  • Settling two cases for a client who had been in two accidents in relatively quick succession and had to undergo a total of five medical reports; a GP report, two orthopaedic reports and two psychiatric reports.  The first case was challenging as there was a major dispute on liability.  All the medical evidence overlapped on this matter which made the cases more complicated.  I was able to gain a strong settlement on both cases for our client, who went away happy with our service at a time she was under great pressure. 
  • Settling a case for a student, who had severe whiplash symptoms as a result of a rear end shunt on the M25.  The student had planned to travel and then study sports in America once his gap year was at an end, however after the accident, he was no longer able to play sports at the same level because of the level of pain he felt after the end of a sports session.  This altered his study plans and completely changed his experience and social dynamic.  Four offers and a Court hearing later the client was awarded £2000 more than the final offer from the defendant insurers.

What others say

Client, Jessica: This is just a small token of my appreciation for all your help and assistance.  Your perseverance and patience with me deserves an Oscar, so really, thank you.  Here’s to seven inch heels and a very large glass of wine!

Client, Mr D: I would like to applaud Jayne for her excellent professionalism in handling my case.  Over the years Jayne has very skilfully and systematically collected data to ensure a strong case is built and always advised and offered guidance through every stage.  Jayne has been like a friend who was genuinely concerned for my wellbeing.  I believe Jayne has been excellent throughout and an asset to the firm.  I am grateful for her efforts.

Who would you...

Share a pint with:
Sarah Millican and my closest friend Louise – we would be laughing all night!

Have cook for you:
Phil Vickery – I bet he could cook me a lovely gluten free meal!

Stay in with:
I would stay in with my hubby and Bubba (my nickname for my unborn child). 

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