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Jemma joined JMW’s Personal Injury department in 2013. She handles a wide range of personal injury cases, specialising in accidents and illness abroad, beauty claims and accidents in the workplace, although she is able to handle any personal injury claim.

Jemma is one of the founding members of the holiday claims team, assisting with establishing the team’s growth at the firm and building business relationships to ensure its success.

She is passionate about her job and the experience she has gained ensures that she is well equipped to deal with clients’ cases as efficiently as possible.  Jemma's clients say she is approachable and friendly, explaining the legal process in a way that they understand, empathising with them during a difficult time. Jemma gets a lot of job satisfaction knowing her clients are happy with the way she deals with their cases. One of her cases was also reported in national press.

Jemma is also involved with the wider legal community; she is a member of the editorial committee for the Law Society Messenger in the North West and she previously held the position of Sponsorship Officer for the Manchester Young Solicitors Group.

When not at work, Jemma spends time with family and friends. She has an interest in fitness and weight training, going to the gym as often as she can. Jemma's ideal evening is to go for dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by cocktails at her favourite bars with her favourite people! Jemma also loves to travel.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW Solicitors a year after I qualified.  I had met some JMW employees at networking and awards events before I started and I knew that a number of employees had established their careers there. I was also attracted to JMW as it is a full service law firm, recognising the importance of client satisfaction, developing business relationships and utilising marketing effectively.  All of this added up to a firm that presented a really inviting prospect for any lawyer, and I am delighted to be a part of the team.  

Case highlights

Obtaining a settlement of £36,100 for Mr S who suffered a devastating injury at work when a bolt from a forklift truck tail lift broke whilst in use and hit the client in the face. He lost 12 teeth. He will need dental treatment for the rest of his life. He suffered scarring to the face and a severe psychological reaction.

Securing £8,000 in compensation for Mr R who worked as a water treatment engineer and was asked to carry out disinfection of water services alone. Mr R fell off a ladder from a height of 12 feet, landing on the concrete surface below. Mr R suffered a fracture of his scaphoid bone on his left hand as well as injury to his back and shoulders, cuts and bruises and pain to the left side of the body. He was unable to continue with his job. The defendant robustly defended the case, despite the fact that they were in breach of a number of regulations, but fighting against the defendant, I was able to secure a good settlement for the client.

Securing in excess of £20,000 for Mr T who worked as a tree surgeon. He lost the sight in his right eye when a piece of wood chip flew out of the back of the wood chipper he was using. I secured a settlement for him not only for the injuries and the time off work he needed, as well as private treatment, but also the fact that he could suffer a disadvantage on the open labour market in the future. 

What our clients say:

Mr M: ‘May I take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your efforts in this matter. I am grateful for everything you have done and for your courteous and professional manner. I will be sure to give you my personal recommendation to family and friends. I wish you every success and good health’.

Mrs Y: ‘I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help and kindness in settling my claim. I really appreciate all of the time and effort you have undertaken since taking over my case and you are a credit to your organisation. Very many thanks and I’m wishing you all the best for the future’.

Mrs K: ‘Jemma thank you so much for all of your help and endless chasing to finalise my claim. I highly appreciate your help. Although I do not wish to experience this situation again, if I do then I know who to call. Thank you.’

Mrs L: ‘Thank you so much for the very hard work in settling my case. It has been a pleasure talking to you and I will miss our chats. Well my little star, thanks for all your help and best wishes’.

Mrs C: ‘Thank you so very much for obtaining this settlement on my behalf. Your efforts are extremely appreciated and I have to say I found your manner to be very approachable and friendly, always taking the time to explain in detail anything that I needed to know during the process. It really was a pleasure dealing with you. 

Who would you...

Share a drink with:

Alan Sugar, as I admire how he has built his own empire, through sheer hard work and dedication. He’s quick witted and not afraid to express his opinion. He’s remained down to earth despite his success and he’s a real family man. 

Have cook for you:

Nigella Lawson as she adds some glam to cooking! I also have a sweet tooth and her desert recipes are delicious!

Stay in with:

I love to stay in with my family and friends, as we can have a giggle no matter where we are when we get together.



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