Sinead Mulcair

Business Consultant

New Business Unit


Sinead works in JMW’s New Business Unit as a Legal Consultant, dealing with Personal Injury and Employment law.  She has been with the firm since October 2011and has spent her time developing her skills and advising new clients.

Sinead handles new business into the firm and assists Solicitors and Partners in making sure that clients’ needs, questions and queries are dealt with to the JMW standard. 

Why did you join JMW?
JMW is known for its outstanding reputation and that is one of the main reasons why I wanted to be part of the organisation. I enjoy working in a team but most of all enjoy helping others. JMW has helped me to adapt to a completely new environment and supported me throughout my journey so far.



Client support

Issue resolution for clients

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Share a pint with:

If there was one person I got the chance to share a drink with it would have to be Adam Sandler, if his films are anything to go by I can imagine his personality would turn any drink into a fun time.


Have cook for you:

I would love for the ‘Come Dine With Me’ narrator Dave Lamb to cook my food for me, giving me the chance to judge his culinary skills!

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Management gets the


Staff members at JMW manage their clients cases in a jaw dropping, professional manner, getting you the win when you most need it. 


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