Case Study: Kerbstone Tripping Accident

Mrs B Ball, Stourbridge

A woman has received a significant sum of compensation after she tripped over a kerbstone and suffered multiple injuries.

Mrs B Ball from Stourbridge sustained injuries to her face, knees and several front teeth after tripping over a raised kerbstone.

The accident

Mrs Ball and her husband were walking home from their daughter’s house, and when Mrs Ball attempted to cross the road, she tripped and fell upon a raised kerbstone, sustaining a number of injuries.  Five of her front teeth were damaged, she had a cut to her nose, bruising to her face, a badly swollen lip and injuries to her knees.

Injuries and lasting effects

The dental damage was extensive and Mrs Ball was advised that one upper front tooth was fractured at the gum (and would require root filling and restoration with a crown), and a second front tooth had lost a sizable amount of crown but could be repaired.  Mrs Ball also needed to have a badly damaged tooth extracted and had a denture fitted.

The denture caused Mrs Ball physical and emotional difficulties; she found that the denture was loose fitting, her speech was impaired as a result of the denture and she even found herself avoiding certain foods.

The claim

Mrs Ball decided to seek compensation for her injuries and the emotional trauma she suffered as a result of the accident, and so instructed JMW to act on her behalf.

When Mrs Ball instructed JMW, her solicitor, Jason Harwood, referred her to see a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, who advised her that instead of the denture replacing the two lost teeth, she could have a cantilever bridge carried on an adjacent tooth that would support one tooth and a root canal fill and crown to replace the other one.  She was also advised to that she could have two crowns to two other damaged teeth.  Finally, Mrs Ball was advised to have her teeth whitened, so that her repaired teeth would be the same colour as the other, undamaged teeth and appeared natural.

Jason also referred Mrs Ball to a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding the pain affecting her knees.  He recommended a course of physiotherapy over four months.


The defendant, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, admitted liability and the settlement Mrs Ball was awarded enabled her to pay for appropriate dental treatment, plan for replacement crowns and bridges and pay for her physiotherapy.  Mrs Ball’s knee pain was fully resolved as a result of the physiotherapy and all her teeth are strong and healthy; comparable to before the accident.  

Mrs Ball has been delighted with the outcome of the case, and her settlement of £17,000; a figure which will enable her to pay for replacement dental work and also recognises the emotional difficulty she suffered after the accident.

Have you also been injured in a slip in the street?

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