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Agony of Marriage

This Daily Mail article throws up some quite startling and sad statistics. A couple who live in a loveless marriage and cannot afford to go their seperate ways. Have a read of the article, it reflects the marriage of so many couples looking to divorce.  

As family law solicitors we regularly advise clients and support them through the agonies of a separation and the divorce process. Without doubt it can be a very painful and stressful time. Add to this the fact that a couple can’t immediately afford to live separately, as in this recent news article,  and it becomes even more difficult to see a way out. There is no easy solution but there are ways in which we can help and advise you. We have trained collaborative  lawyers and family mediators who can work with you and your ex-partner in a constructive way, to assist you in reaching  agreement in relation to financial matters and future arrangements for the children.

If you are separating and need some advice please speak to one of our experience family team on 0800 652 5577 or use the form to the right. 

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