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10th March 2017

The JMW holiday claims team have been through some changes recently, with two of the members leaving to be replaced by two more holiday specialists.  To introduce you to the new-look team, now headed up by Natasha Ross, we’ve asked them some short questions about their favourite holidays, favourite food and their opinion on the long debated destination choice of beach holidays or city breaks.  So, guys…


What is your favourite holiday destination?

Natasha Ross: I love the Canaries and usually go to one of the islands at some point throughout the year. I also thoroughly enjoyed taking my two children to Lapland last year which was a great experience especially as we were able to ski whilst out there as well as taking part in the festive activities

Denitsa Nedyalkova: My favourite holiday destination is Courchevel. I enjoy skiing and have fallen in love with the French Alps.

Sky Langwieser: I think my favourite holiday destination has to be Paris. It is a beautiful city and the atmosphere is fantastic. I spent my New Year there, and it was an amazing experience. Although, there are tons of lovely places in France!

Raana Afsarpour: Since my university days, I have visited Ibiza every year and it never gets old. It has everything from beautiful beaches, to the best seafood and of course the world’s best party scene. After working hard all year round, my annual Ibiza jaunt is the best way to let my hair down and have some fun.


If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

NR: I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand however given the distance don’t expect this to happen any time soon. My next holiday abroad is going to be Italy to eat lots of Pizza, Pasta and drink plenty of wine!

DN: My dream destination would be somewhere in an exotic bungalow in Tahiti enjoying the sun.

SL: I have always really wanted to visit New York, to experience the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps and visit the famous landmarks. Luckily, I am going this summer for my 21st birthday!!

RA: I would love to visit the Maldives and stay in a water cottage over the sea with a private pool, how blissful! The idea of jumping off the veranda into the sea below is amazing and the relaxation wouldn’t go amiss either.


What is your favourite foreign food?

NR: I have to say a spicy curry, the hotter the better!

DN: My favourite foreign food is Mexican street food. I love the spices and how vibrant the dishes are.

SL: I really like Thai food, especially Vegetable Pad Thai.

RA: I’m a huge sushi fan. It’s the most virtuous fast food you can have and I love tuna tartare.


Beach holiday or city break?

NR: Definitely a nice relaxing week on the beach however I do have a few cities on the list of places to visit including Vegas and New York

DN: I would prefer going on a city break most of the time as I enjoy learning about history and art, exploring architecture and figuring out the local transport.

SL: I definitely prefer city breaks, as I love to explore what the city has to offer and the local culture. Plus there are always opportunities to do some shopping!               

RA: I prefer destinations where you can have both, like Barcelona. I’m a sun worshipper but I need the sightseeing aspect too otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted a trip.

Thanks everyone!

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