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The Kit and The Number

The Rubis sponsored TeamGlow kit has arrived and it looks fabulous. Everyone is excited to wear this in the Dolomites in less than .....erm, 2 weeks time!! 

And today my bib number has arrived. I am number 1777.

7 is a lucky number I think - I used to live at 177 - and in 1777 there was a huge flood of the Holme Valley after a storm in the area - Holmfirth was affected and three people drowned. What sad news. Holmfirth is a lovely place and the location for my sunny Sunday ride yesterday. 

What a bizarre coincidence!

If you'd like to talk more about all things cycling, or have a claim to make, don't hesitate to get in touch with me on or 0808 168 7228.  You can also learn more about Team Glow - the Womens' Road Cycling Network - on our website; 

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