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The Start of the Dolomite Week Away

Interesting start to day 1..

Taxi arrived at 4.30 and after an emotional send off from home I loaded my bike and jumped in next to the driver. He told me about his tummy upset and how he really should be home. 

He then gave me a motivational speech about the maratona. Told me I was already a winner because most of the country was still in bed and I could have chosen that option too. His dad's advice to him was to always try his best. And even if I come last he told me that was good enough. 

The airport was very busy. Post Manchester and London terror attack fall out probably. Police with guns outside the terminal building. 

Security was hectic with barrier lanes pinging and new queues forming without instruction. The automated gates requiring boarding pass scanning was amusing. The big yellow sign was clear. Have your boarding pass ready to scan. The airport host however instructed everyone to put paperwork away including boarding passes. They were NOT needed. But the barriers closed. The lights were red. Then, on production and scan of a boarding pass they turned green and passengers could progress. Then the usual belt and shoe removal. This time cardigans too. Unlimited plastic sealed bags could be used today for liquids and gels. I wonder why these rules keep changing. I was frisked. Best bit of the airport process in my view. 

The flight was good. Rita was flying on the same flight. On arrival in Venice we collected our hire car and then Rita drove for 3 hours or so to Corvara. We checked in. Shopped for dinner. Built our bikes. And cooked pasta bolognese for the arrival of the others. Our apartments in Corvara, a ski resort, were absolutely perfect for the 7 of us. 

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